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LA QUIETE [entries|friends|calendar]
T. Reilly Hodgson

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[07 Oct 2007|09:44pm]
as it says i havnt updated this in about 19 weeks, i think its fairly obvious that i dont update this anymore.
what i DO update though are the following:


so go ahead and bookmark those.
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[22 May 2007|09:55pm]
rip uncle tim

[24 Apr 2007|09:46pm]
please buy me this and one ofthese in medium.
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[15 Apr 2007|03:40pm]
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[21 Mar 2007|09:01am]
i hate being so stressed about not having your work done that you cant bring yourself to do it. fucked!
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[12 Mar 2007|01:04am]

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[13 Feb 2007|11:43pm]
yes or no?Collapse )
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[06 Feb 2007|06:07pm]
I love skateboarding.
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[01 Feb 2007|10:48pm]
"I neva broke ma nose til i got punched in thuh face!"
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[29 Jan 2007|05:20pm]
last night i was walking home at maybe.. i dont know 12-12:30ish at night. when i'm maybe about 2 or 3 blocks away from my house i pass by this crack addict looking woman, who says hello. a little bit thrown off i say hello back, at which point she tells me what a nice night it is, and then proceeds to ask me if i'm looking for some company. i tell her no with authority and laugh the rest of the way home. i love east van.
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[23 Jan 2007|02:42pm]
i just ordered business cards. i feel all professional.

[22 Jan 2007|02:43pm]
today i got to school at 2:30. i dont have class until 7. hopefully this will help out my productivity. because lately it seems as though if i stay at home i dont do a damn thing. awesome.
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[16 Jan 2007|01:17am]
Dylan! Poppie!


[06 Jan 2007|07:19pm]
i finally moved out of my suitcase! i love how that only took 5 months!
i am so stoked on my place right now, well, more specifically my room(s). i'm finally all organized and things and it makes me like being at home, other than the fact that i have very little in terms of art on my walls so thats boring to look at. though, i did bring my ryan jacob smith prints with me back out here and i love those so thats good. anyways liking being home is bad when youre trying to start having a social life, so i'm going to get off my ass (oh yeah, i'm definetly on the toilet pooping right now. i love wireless) and go to the show tonight. should be killer.


[03 Jan 2007|06:07pm]
so, back in rain city.
getting sick because of the pooner in the seat beside me on the plane.
fuck that.
for real.
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[30 Dec 2006|09:48am]
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[22 Dec 2006|10:45am]
i wear a size 10.
uhhh, fuck yeah

oh, and while youre at it, i'll take one of THESE in medium.

maybe one of these in small too?

thanks! materialism rules!
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[15 Dec 2006|07:10pm]
so, i'm off to the airport. fuck yes.

[10 Dec 2006|12:41pm]
so last night i actually went to a dance club. i have no idea what my life is coming to.
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[09 Dec 2006|04:54pm]
oh hey. shirts please?
usually small, medium if its american apparel.
STACKS (in grey)
STACKS (in blue)

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